What is the Difference Between Cuz Translation and Google Translation?

Human Translation vs. Machine Translation

We begin to talk about Cuz Translation by asking two questions, in the many meetings and events we attend.

– “What do you do when you need translation services?” The answer is simple, and 90% of the time, it’s the same one. “Google Translation.”

We then ask:
– “Do you trust Google Translation for your business-related translations?” The answer is always the same, “Of course not!

Google has been working on artificial intelligence in language translation for a very long time. They first launched Google Translation in 2006, and it was established for the internal needs of the company to provide services in several languages. It later helped Google become more useful to a broader variety of individuals. Google Translation provides an instant translation into many languages, but it isn’t familiar with situations. It continuously improves but cannot provide adequate quality to rely on for essential tasks. According to the research, it will take at least 20 more years to reach the quality level of satisfactory translations.

It is all about the dialectics and different impressions and synods about the language. Understanding is crucial for translation, and it is almost impossible for a machine to understand the content and the situation of the used text. The algorithm and database behind this intelligence are amazing, and praise is due to its creators, but almost every language is shaped differently and cannot be collectively translated without the learned content. The writing style of the original author must be synchronized in both languages while maintaining clarity and flavor.

If you translate a sentence using Google Translation and translate it back to the source language, the end result will definitely disappoint you.

The point is, if you need a reliable translation rather than words thrown around in the attempted language, you will definitely acquire the services of a human translator. If it is a technical translation (health, IT, aerospace, etc.), you will need the services of an expert of the specified field. If it is mainly about your business or legal issues, you must make sure to use the best available service.

Cuz Translation was established to give you the same ease of use provided by Google Translation while delivering the highest quality of human translation. Download the app on your laptop or mobile device, upload the document or take a picture, and let the translator do the work and upload the translated copy for your use.

The use of technology allows us to spend less on operational costs and share a substantial percentage of the fees with our professional and certified translators. Customers pay less, and translators earn more, equating better service all around.

Human translators might become relics of the past someday, but we are not yet near that era of replacing human translators by automata.