Translation and Interpretation issues on cases funded by the Legal Aid Ontario

Legal Aid programs contribute funding to eligible individuals. These provincial and territorial legal aid programs promote access to justice and help ensure a fair justice system in Canada.

Legal Aid of Ontario (“LAO”) is a non-profit corporation administering legal aid services and funding within Ontario. LAO is independent but publicly funded and has about $450m yearly budget. Lawyers often receive cases compensated by an LAO certificate and more often than usual, we know that the ends don’t justify the means because of the excess amount non-billable time lawyers need to put into the logistics of these cases. Diligent invoicing and accounting procedures also consume lots of non-billable hours.


Translation and interpretation processes are one of the challenging issues lawyers face in these LAO files. Although lawyers generally seek to find a solution of their clients’ translation problems by reaching out to their coworkers and other translators they have worked in the past, possible issues are usually just around the corner.

We often come across lawyers looking for translators on forum sites. Translators in some long-tier languages are difficult to find, and experience, integrity, and confidentiality are significant factors when trying to locate an available translator in the needed language. Naturally, it is not possible for a lawyer to know a translator in every single language available in a culturally rich country like Canada. It is also difficult to find translators with sufficient knowledge for both on-site (interpretation) and written translations. It is particularly difficult to schedule a time that works for the lawyer, the client, and the interpreter.

When all the processing hassle is completed, and the job is done, lawyers then suffer a loss of their billable hours when doing the appropriate invoicing for the completed translation and interpretation job. If the required time exceeds what is available on the LAO issued certificate, permissions must be a pre-obtained or detailed explanation of why it was required must be explained. Therefore, invoicing and accounting process is usually postponed to lawyers’ most appropriate time, and their compensation is well delayed.

With the new LAO integration feature, Cuz Translation is a complete success and a very useful tool for lawyers.

Cuz Translation is ready to serve lawyers with a team of 650 translators in 85 languages available to offer services in rates approved by the LAO. The translated product includes a certificate of translation as well as an explanatory invoice with an available column to add lawyer’s notes for further explanation. Having served hundreds of legal aid clients, Cuz interpreters for both on-site and written translations offer services to lawyers in LAO rate at no extra cost.

LAO integration is only available to lawyers and certificates must be validated to ensure a fair process for all our translators. Docket system is offered for law accounts where different folders can be created for each client for the purpose of categorization. Each document is encrypted, so only the lawyer and the translator who signed the confidentiality agreement have access. Documents are uploaded and categorized as the source, and translated document for easy view and invoices are sent to you in the required format. It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 without losing time and quality. Future of translation services is now providing an excellent convenience in your Legal Aid files.

Welcome to the future of translation.

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