Privacy Matters

At CUZ, we are aware of how sensitive our customers are with their data. As a market disrupting service provider, we have gone back to the drawing board and re-thought everything that has come to be the norm with the language services industry; from the intake of projects to their distribution to appropriate service providers and everything in between.

While setting-up this completely new and revolutionary way of providing language services to consumers, we have place data security and privacy at the core of what we have built. Everything has been built around this central concept of data sensitivity. Jumping over the intense technology that goes into our cloud-based data-encryption (which we’ll cover in another blog post), let’s just dive directly into how we make sure that the documents that you share with the translator/interpreter you secure through CUZ are entirely destroyed once the project is completed.


At CUZ Translation, we know the importance of data protection, and hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure complete peace of mind for our customers!

In order to maintain our data privacy and document destruction guarantees, we have put in place an intermittent audit process of our language service providers that take place unannounced and at random. Through this audit process, we are able to make sure compliance with our privacy policy is never compromised. The process not only helps us maintain our guarantee to our clients that everything they share with CUZ is completely secure, but it also helps us detect and thus avoid any potential data breaches that may be imminent.

This rigid process of monitoring goes on top of our rigorous hiring process where each and every one of our language service providers is personally interviewed where personal references are checked, and character qualities are assessed.

Recently, we all watched our worst fears about data privacy unfold before our eyes. What has been happening in recent times is a recognition by most that our previously lax approach to the handling of private information must change. All of us are beginning to realize that we simply cannot rely on the goodwill of corporations or others to be responsible and righteous with our data.

We’re now expecting more of those we share our data with and are making sure to hold them to account. We know there are ways to alleviate concerns surrounding data privacy and need to make sure that we are shouldering our share of the responsibility by becoming conscious consumers. Without strong demand from consumers of services involving the sharing of personal and confidential data, we simply cannot expect this privacy revolution to happen by itself. Supply and demand are how our markets function; undoubtedly this also applies to modern interactions as well.

At CUZ, we know the importance of data protection, and hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure complete peace of mind for our customers!


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