How to Accept Project Requests with Cuz Translation

Hello everyone!

In this blog I’m going to walk you through the basic steps of accepting responding to a project request, and what to do after accepting it.

One of the best parts of working with Cuz Translation is that we don’t have a pool of projects where you hastily pick a project before somebody else snatches it. Instead, we let our customers see a list of translator/interpreters and pick the one that they see fit to the project at hand. This allows the customer to achieve a consistent quality and you get to always know the person you are helping and have a proper professional relationship.

When a customer sends you a project request, you’ll receive email and push notifications. You can see the project requests in the “Project Requests” tab in the app.




You can click on the project request and see the details of the project. You will see various details and it’s up to you to accept or decline the project. Keep in mind that you have to pick an appropriate reason and, If necessary, provide additional information.





If you decline the project, you will no longer have access to it. If you accept the project, you’ll be able to see the details in the “Active Projects” section.



Once you accept the project, the next step is to start working on it. Everything up to this is common to both translation and interpretation projects.

Working on Interpretation Projects




There’s not much to do after accepting an interpretation project. You can view the details of the projects in the “Active Projects” section and prepare yourself for the appointment at the given location.

If the project lasts longer than the duration that appears on the project details, you should ask the customer the extend the time by sending a delay request and changing the end date of the project. This will also effect the price of the project and you will get paid by that extended duration.

After the interpretation is completed, you can send the complete request to the customer. When they accept it, their credit card will be charged and your payout will be processed. And you can see the payout details in the “Payroll View” in your profile.

Working on Translation Projects




After you accept a translation project, you can start working on it. You will have a deadline for the project and ideally you will have to finish it in the given deadline. But If there was some serious issue and you were not able to finish it on time, you can send a delay request to the customer and extend the deadline.

To complete a translation project, you will have to upload the documents. And you need to make sure that the number of customer documents and translated documents match.




Once the translation is done, you can send a completion request and the customer will accept it. In case of an issue with the translation, they will give you the information as to why they didn’t accept the request so you will be able to update the project accordingly.