Status Update #2

Hello everyone!

Here we are with another status update. It’s been 7 days since the last update. Here’s a look at the past week at Cuz Translation.

We received over 300 applications in the last 7 days, and now the total comes to over 900 applications! This is a remarkable number for us when we are not even a month into the initial registration process. This is incredible and we appreciate the interest from everyone out there!

Of the 900 applications, over 200 was from outside of Canada. And we have received multiple requests to open up the store pages to outside of Canada. Initially, our intention was to launch and remain local for a period of time. But because of the increased number of interests from outside of Canada, and after an in-team discussion, we decided to open our store pages to the other countries as well. To keep the initial principle behind the reason why we wanted to launch locally, we are limiting the out-of-Canada applications to only document translations. So, only those who reside in Canada will be able to work as an interpreter for now.

We are working hard to go through the applicants. And we are also working on some other things to stir up the translation community a little bit. I will let you know when new things come up.

Our deepest appreciation goes to everyone who believes in us!