Status Update #1

I think it is time to give you all the Status Update #1 on what’s happening here. We launched our product exclusively to translators on January 20th. And two weeks in, we have over 600 translator applications in 50+ different languages and counting. We are thrilled by the response we are getting! Thank you all for your support. We are working really hard to go through all of the applicants and register them in our system.

We have met with some of you, and we are trying to arrange meetings to meet and give you a warm personal welcome. Before we launch for customers, we will also arrange a special launch party for everyone included. We are going to be releasing the details about that in the following days.

We are planning to finish this preliminary registration and start bringing in customers by March. In the mean time, we are also trying to contact as many translator as possible and get their feedback on how we can provide you a better service. We have already done several improvements to the app because of the feedbacks we got from you and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the UI/UX.

Slack is an amazing tool to give you an access to your fellow translators and a direct communication line between you and us. So, please, feel free to use this platform as you please and chat with each other, ask for advice and give us some suggestions so we can make your experience here a better one. If anyone has ideas for new Slack channels, contact me and I will create it for you.

Thank you all for your patience and have a great day!