Why Are We Only Launching Locally?


Our CEO used to work as a translator. One of the things he discovered was being an interpreter / translator was a lonely endeavour. He knew a few people who worked as a translator but he didn’t know anyone from the company he worked for. He wasn’t even aware of a platform where translators come together to share experiences or their stories that he can learn from and avoid making the same mistakes. And during our development process, we also chatted with several translators and they also suffered from the same fate. This is especially hard for people who are just getting into the translation business. They are not aware of the pitfalls and hurdles on the way, and this results in a more painful experience for new-comers.

We believe that in any type of profession, it is important for people to come in together and share their experiences. For example, I taught myself software development because I had wonderful people who were willing to help me along the way. When you look for it, you can find amazing communities who make you feel like they are just there to help you. And this really gave me a better confidence because I knew that if I faltered, I could rely on those people on the same way with me. This is why we also want to create a similar environment for translators where they can freely interact with each other, share their experiences and just chat. An open communication is essential to our business. We want our translators and customers to be able to freely communicate and reach to a resolution in a stress free environment. We take this to heart and it is the main reason why we wanted to launch locally. We don’t want to be just another company who’s in it for itself. We are here to make lives better and this is how we choose to do it.

We have met with some of our translators and we are working hard to arrange new meetings so that we can have a direct communication between us. We also setup a Slack workspace just for this purpose and we are pleased to see that many of our registered translators are also there. We are of course planning to expand, but we don’t want to sacrifice who we are in the process.