How to Create a Good Translator Profile

In Cuz Translation, we strive for the best possible experience for both our customers and translators. As part if this, there are some prerequisites that we have for our translators before their profile can be approved. In this post, we are going to talk about the steps that our recruitment team go through to approve a translator profile. With these steps, we hope to understand and get know the translators better and provide a more quality service for our customers.

Applying as a translator though our app is easy and intuitive. You will see a question mark icon next to the fields in the form that when you tap on them will reveal detailed information about that particular field. So you can go through that process without even needing extra information from anywhere else. But we will go through each section here and explain why we need that information.

Education History

In this section we collect the schools that you graduated from or still studying in. This information is important for us because we want to make sure that you have the background knowledge for the natures that you translate. But fear not, this is not our only source for that. For example, you may not have studied anything related to economy but you might have taken courses on the topic or you might have an interest in the topic, so you can talk about these in the appropriate sections.

This section is mandatory and must be filled by every applicant.


Now, this is where you get to tell us about your additional interests or your efforts to improve on your existing skills. This section is important for those of you who are translating a nature that they did not have an education background for.


This section is about the certificates that you have received. It’s not mandatory. But If you are an ATIO certified translator or if you have any other types of certifications, this is where you talk about it.


Well, this section is pretty self explanatory. You just add the languages that you speak. Optionally, you can also add any certifications that you received for this language. Again, certification is not mandatory.


This section is mandatory if you intend to do on site interpretations. This location is what we use to calculate your commute expenses if you take on a project that is farther than 25 kilometres to this location. It makes sense to set this location to a place where you spend most of your time. Also, you need to tell us how far you are willing to go for an on site project in the maximum distance field. If any project request is farther than maximum distance, they will not be assigned to you.


In this section you select the types of natures that you can do translation for. This section is mandatory and you are required to select at least one. Please make sure to select the natures that you are comfortable with. If not, you may get a project that is outside of your domain knowledge and it may result in a poor experience for both you and the customer.


This section is mandatory. It is important for ours customers, and for us too, to get to know you better. Talk about your interests, previous experiences or your ambitions. But make sure that there are no typos and it has the correct capitalization.

Profile Photo

We require a profile photo that shows your face and is appropriate for professional use.

After you send your application, we will review it in 3 business days and get back to you. If there are any issues with your profile, we will kindly ask you to update your profile for us to proceed to approve your profile. And when your application is approved, you will get the news via email.