Start A Career You Didn’t Know You Could Have

Canada is a diverse country. And with this great diversity comes some challenges when people try to communicate with each other. There is not only the language challenge for newcomers but also the culture challenge too. And this makes the communication for new comers a challenge. It doesn’t matter If you are a businessman/businesswoman starting a business in Canada or you just immigrated to Canada, you need someone to help you communicate your ideas and your problems.

This is where translators come in. They are the bridge between two people who do not speak the same language. And starting in this business is easier than you think. Most people have this misconception that they need to be certified to work as a translator. But that is not the case. Yes, there are some cases where you need to be certified to provide a translation service but they are merely the exceptions and do not even constitute the majority of the translation needs. You just need to be someone who is able┬áto translate between two languages properly. And that’s it.



And we are here to make that transition as smooth as possible for you. We started Cuz Translation to enable the newcomers to find their way in this business and provide a better work environment for the experienced translators. Although we operate just like any other translation agency, we provide our services through our publicly available app that you can download on your preferred platform. After downloading the app, it takes just a few minutes to apply as a translator. After we review your profile, you can start working as a translator.

We believe that improving the communication between two people is essential. And we want to provide the best possible opportunities for our translators to improve themselves and have a fulfilling career in their lives. So we will be beside you in every step of the way, providing you guidance and self-improvement opportunities along the way. You will get an invitation to our Slack channel where you will be able to communicate with us and your fellow translators. We want to foster a community that helps its members thrive.